Wisdom of the Divine Philosophers - Volume Two
A collection of spiritual counsels of the Saints and elders of the Orthodox Church, categorized under 67 topics on 167 pages. Available in a sturdy soft cover, or download the eBook directly to your eReader from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.
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Soft cover book includes 67 topics on 167 pages. The eBook edition is available for download to your eReader from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.
Here are a sample of counsels from the book:
On Humility:
In the mercy of God, the little thing done with humility will enable us to be found in the same place as the saints who have labored much and been true servants of God.
~ St. Dorotheus of Gaza
We should try to have good thoughts which will radiate from us. A meek and humble person is always very pleasant to be with, for he emanates peace and warmth. That person may not say a single word, yet we rejoice to be in his presence.
~Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica †
On Worry:
If the head of a family is burdened with cares and worries about the future of his family, he will have no peace. All the members of the family will feel his unrest. They will know that something is wrong, but they will not know exactly what. We can see how much our thoughts influence others. Misunderstandings in the family also happen because of our thoughts.
~Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica †
On Anger:
Never correct someone with anger, but only with humility and sincere love. When you see anger ahead, forget about correcting for a moment. When peace has returned, then your powers of discernment are functioning properly and then you can speak beneficially. Since man was created rational and gentle, his is corrected far better with love and gentleness. An angry and irritable man is not accepted into the Kingdom of God even if he raises the dead. Therefore, suppress anger with all of your might, and you will find it weaker the next time.
~ Elder Joseph the Hesychast †